All You Need to Know About Rear Windshield Repair

All You Need to Know About Rear Windshield Repair

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There are two windshields in most vehicles, the front windshield and the rear windshield. Most people often pay much attention to the front windshield and neglect the rear one even though it is very important in the vehicle structure. The rear windshield also protects the vehicle occupants from flying debris such as rocks; maintain aerodynamics in the vehicle and a UV coating can also protect the inside of the vehicle from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Rear auto glass also has defoggers and defrosters that get rid of snow and fog to allow for better visibility. 

Rear windshields are often made of tempered glass. This type of glass usually shatters on impact and it may fall completely from the rear window opening. You should call a windshield replacement company as soon as possible to protect your vehicle for the elements of weather and for security as well. After market window films can help prevent the glass from shattering completely but replacement is still important since the windshield remains weak after impact. 

Rear windshield replacement

You need to find auto windshield repair professionals who are qualified to handle the job for your own safety. You can compare quotes from more than one windshield repair company to determine which service fits your budget. Before windshield repair begins, you need to provide important information including the make and model of the vehicle in order to find the right glass size. Buying OEM-quality rear windshield replacement may be a bit costly but it is the most reliable quality of glass you can get for your vehicle. 

Rear windshield replacement is carried out in the following steps

Inspecting the damage

The windshield repair technicians will inspect the rear windshield to determine the cause of the auto glass failure. Technicians are the best source of filtered information when it comes to knowing more about your car. They will advise you on their findings and ways to avoid such damages in the future if possible.

Removal of the old windshield

The technicians have to remove the damaged glass carefully. This involves removing the glue off the edges of the frame and lifting out the shattered glass. Any glass fragments and debris in the car’s interior will be cleaned and vacuumed. 

Installing the new window

The new window picked based on the make and model of the vehicle is placed into the rear windshield frame. The windshield repair company has to be very careful when installing the new glass

Testing and cleaning the glass

Once the new windshield replacement is installed, the repair technician has to test the defrost function and other window technology to check if they are working properly. The defrost function usually heats up the glass to melt away any fog or snow on the glass surface. If the rear windshield is installed properly, the glass surface will feel warm to touch. They also have to check how well the wipers work. Once everything is in place, you can pay for the service and take your car.

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